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Murray Tymms's Bio:

Murray Tymms is a highly sought after business strategist, with 35+ years of experience in Information Technology, Real Estate, Finance Management, Banking, Mortgages, as well as coaching Business Startups.  He is now actively involved with assisting companies with Patents, Trademarks, Intellectual Property protection, as well as integrating best business practices into website design and then website integration to business automation.

Murray Tymms's Experience:

  • Director at

    Website design and Integration with business principles providing a pathway to automation

  • Business Development & Operations Strategist, Founder, CEO at

    Murray is the Co-Founder and CEO of ResiBids. He and his wife Julie came up with the idea in Jan, 2012. They then went onto form a core team to get the project off the ground. Murray co-ordinated the successfully raising of the first round of angel investment funding to get ResiBids underway. Forming the company in January of 2013, ResiBids has been Murray's primary focus including overseeing all day to day operations, raising additional venture capital, corporate structures, strategic alliances and corporate partners, management of IP - including successful registrations of trademarks and patents. After working in real estate finance for a decade, Murray understood the difficulties many people face of buying a home. It's for this reason that he wanted to create the world's first real estate auction website that allows you to buy properties up to 99% off their bank valuation price via the penny auction model. He employed to develop the unique ResiBids brand. Murray and this core team invented a unique "Patent Applied For" technology that would give real estate purchases: * The ability to purchase brand-new properties for around 1-5% of their true market value * A home filled with brand new furniture * All their main bills paid for 12 months - gas, electricity, Internet, rates/body corporate * Complete Worry Free Transaction - ResiBids pays ALL closing costs and transfer taxes He also created a system that would help developers get: * Qualified buyers able to purchase * Greater exposure and visibility for your properties through our aggressive marketing campaigns * The accelerated sale of your properties in a cost-effective manner * More competition among potential buyers, resulting in higher price action * Price Protection - Always Get Fair Market Value with ResiBids ResiBids offers both buyers and sellers of real estate a quick and efficient way to manage the real estate sales process with both parties achieving their primary goal.

  • Real Estate Analyst & Mortgage Consultant, Founder, CEO at Acute Mortgage Reductions

    As a prior real estate consultant Murray began to know the market in a personal way and understand was required to create the connections and the fiscal resources to sustain a successful mortgage company. Based on his personal knowledge of aquiring properties, in 2003 he founded Acute Mortgage Reductions and managed up to 19 employees, personally handling all of the aspects of the business for his employees. Murray scheduled training and seminars as well as was actively involved in the dispensation of commissions, bonuses and all of the fiscal activities of the company. Through training and seminars, Acute Mortgage focused on delivering to its clients a model that enabled them to build their own wealth portfolio at an accelerated rate.

  • Business Analyst & Financial Strategy Analyst, Director at PowaPay Group Limited

    Utilizing a new model in the mortgage industry, PowaPay focused on showing members how to acquire properties and then obtain a referral fee for bringing in new and additional members. Murray handled all of the capital investment as well as the development of the mortgage management and supply of 'white labeling' of funds.

  • IT Operations Manager, Founder, CEO at Open Network Support

    Starting off as "PC Clinic" in 1988, Murray created a highly effective business model which focused on repairing personal as well as business PCs. After establishing key clients as well as forming valuable relationships PC Clinic morphed into Panther Technologies which focused on providing state of the art servers to those same clients with the best component parts. All Multi-User systems were on the Unix platform. Panther began delving into further areas of innovation and began operating under the name Open Support Network which created live connections to email and internet for SME companies during the days of dial up. In addition to this innovation ONS developed their own iNetServer in 1997, running on the Unix platform this solution was able to give clients a secure firewall at a time when services like this were not available in most regions. Murray exited the business in 2003 after a successful sale.

  • Information Technology Strategist, Founder, CEO at Computer Paper Limited

    After redesigning the airline ticket and the way that it was produced, Murray started a company with 4 other professionals which went through a 2nd Board Listing. Murray as the founding director was responsible for the patents as well as the complete administration of the company which was ultimately acquired by a global newspaper publishing house. He exited the company after a successful trade sale.

  • IT Manager & Business Development, Founder, CEO at Computer Paper Supplies

    Murray founded Computer Paper Supplies understanding the need for a solid brand and logo for companies across all pieces of stationary and communication. Murray developed a sales plan as well as implemented a content creation plan which included a 15 to 21 day turnaround from pitch to product to deliver the best quality business products to clients. Murray exited the company after a successful sale to a 100+ year old Sydney company.

  • IT Operations Manager, Founder, CEO at TDM Electronics

    Murray started his first company focusing on digital machines that he could create and develop. He was able to start off with things as simple as auto-sensing marine buoy lights and as complicated as digital vending machines.

  • Public Speaking, Website Development, and Consulting at Business Consultant

    Murray has moved into a semi-retired capacity from his former role at Acute Mortgage, still weighing in on important decisions and consulting. By using the contacts that were put together over the course of his career he has focused on spending time assisting others with startups, websites, and new digital frontiers. Murray has also focused on sharing the message of entrepreneurship and corporate sustainment by taking on the role of a public speaker and sharing all of his experience and with knowledge hungry crowds. Murray's focus is on networking in his new spheres of influence and continuing his passion for mentorship and growth.

Murray Tymms's Education:

  • South Brisbane TAFE

    Electronics and Communication
  • QUT (QIT) - Queensland Institute of Technology

    Electrical Engineering
    Concentration: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Murray Tymms's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Selling, Reading, Old Classic Cars, Fine Engineering, Not for Profit, Family

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